Went To LEVI’S XX Headquarters In Amsterdam & Seen A Few Gems!

P7016592Nana just makes hi-waisted jeans and a tucked t so darn cute.P7016592Victor. Wow. An Iron Maiden t, 605’s and some dope sandals!P7016592Levi’s made uniforms for the 1984 USA Olympic athletes, ushers and ceremonies.. (MADE IN THE USA of course)
P7026634P7026634A few vintage shirts from the LEVIS AUTHENTIC WESTERNWEARW & LEVIS Rodeo Labels. I wish you could see the true colors of these amazing shirts!
P7026644This vest is beautiful. And the blanket lining! You should see the leather closure! With hopes of these one day being recreated. G-d bless Miles and his supremely talented team!