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    25 Feb

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    Purple Jacket

    20 Jan

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    Shipping & Terms

    We’ve been watching a few piping plover  nests for weeks and the other day we saw their babies hatch! It’s so beautiful, the mother bird with the babies under her for days. At times they’ll go out for food and the daddy watches over them. they learn to fly by themselves and take off to the Carribean in August! Wildlife staff comes to check on them periodically because they’re endangered. The bird is difficult to see when it is standing still, as it blends well with open, sandy beach habitats. It typically runs in short spurts and stops. So cute to watch them grow.

    GQ had me on the toughest assignment to date. Asking me to document what I’ve been wearing (not easy getting dressed when away from my clothes, quarantining in a place that’s not ours). (When sara told me we had no room in the car for clothing I had a minor melt-down which only lasted a few deep breaths. (I snuck ties/tees/hats I didn’t but knew I’d want in case I felt like a selfie) I live to get dressed and a selfie just makes me feel so good. You maybe can’t tell but I’ve really become so much less selfish since becoming a father. -
Here we have Aunt Shelly’s flannel and Uncle Bert’s shorts. -
Yes, fleece socks over the rag-wools.

    quarantining at Sara’s Aunt & Uncles beach cottage and found this sweatshirt and flannel in their eating clothes closet (when guests come over to eat lobster they offer them clothes that can get dirty). GQ asked me to shoot and write about a weeks worth of outfits I put together using the few items I brought and some I unearthed here from Shelly & Bert’s eating clothes selection. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Check @GQ for the full deal. Link in Bio.

- I’m always after something. I’m sure we’re all home buying all sorts of stuff we don’t need but want. Not trying to be a doctor over here but I’m always shopping. When times are wierd I shop. When times are normal feeling I shop too. When i’m feeling broke I still shop. Leaving to quarentine with just a few clothing items I thought wow, i could easily live for months in just these few things. Then I watched Tiger King and went searching for their pink wedding shirts deciding I could really use a pink western shirt in my stable. Not here in Maine but when/if we ever get back to the big island... After much image searching and sleuthing @joncaramanica found me the exact one for $17.50 on the ebay! I passed assuming the poly blend make up (while I’m not a heavy shvitzer, I find blends don’t breathe well). Then I get a DM from asking if I’d want this one. I of course did and here we have it with Uncle Bert’s shorts and braces I found in the cottage. I really want to take them with me but I bet they’re his everyday shorts. I want the perfect big pair of jean shorts. So perfectly lived in. Just putting it out there.

    Levi Yitzchok Okunov 2006 I think

    in 9th grade armed with my first camera i would shoot tons of license plates. I was in a small yeshiva in the University District of Seattle. I had no idea what flannel was, what weed smelled like nor had I heard of grunge. Yet it was all around me. (Our idea of fun was cutting class and hanging outside hotels to get baseball cards signed by visiting teams). Fast forward years later I’m living in SF and find the coolest old cars with beautiful patina. Maybe it’s the salt from the ocean I don’t know what does it but California, Australia, even Maine has some of the most beautiful beat up old pieces of shit cars that I can look at for days. I wish I could take really nice pics of them with fancy cameras one day. For now I’m fine drooling with the iphone but it could be fun sitting with some look down camera medium format kinda thing. Maybe it’s the sound of the shutter maybe it’s the feeling of pushing down a button maybe it’s waiting til you can see it. I don’t know. I’m not that guy really. I can be though. I don’t own a fancy heavy look down but I’ve been known to shoot film on occasion. Felt emo may edit later but the car is here to stay. I know most y’all don’t come here for this and for that I say open your eyes a bit more. Find beauty in the everyday.

    Congratulations @juliohuncho!! @detroitlionsnfl

    Found Aunt Shelly’s flannel (it may’ve belonged to Uncle Bert prior to becoming Shellys lobster eating or house chore? All around comfy shirt). Made in the Usa and you gotta see the hem 1/2 eaten by their dog Junior. I joke around a lot but i’m serious. can’t make this shit up. I married the coolest girl with the coolest family. These flannels (there’s also a black watch) are what i called worn in not worn out. They feel like velvet hives owned for 59 years. Do you own anything that’s new that will even last that long?

    We’ve been quarantining at a relatives cottage and aside from the occasional walker/jogger we don’t see many people passing by. UPDATE: I just seen this cowboy ride by with his dog in tow! I ran out the house, ran after him (in my ugg slip-ons that are 1/2 size too big since they don’t do 1/2 sizes) til I was a good safe distance and fired off a few rounds. Made my day. Heck he may have made my month. I hope we see him again soon. Better than any fashion week. I always say that when I capture my gems. Anywhere.

    on a normal day i woulda gotten some key info. Instead I asked from about 20 feet away if it was ok to get get a photo of them together. They thought I wanted the dogs and asked if I like ___ huskies (i think she said malamute) to which i yelled that I wanted a pic of their sweaters! They def thought I’m nuts. I hope I run into them again when the whole social distancing thing is behind us so I can gather more info...

    While no one knows how long til we can be together again, I knew we’d be spending my birthday in quarantine so while we only had a few min. to pack, I made sure to bring a few clothing items that bring me joy (ie. floral pants & purple tees). I also snuck in floral pants/purple t for Isabella. Matching makes me so happy. We almost match.

    I wrote about my search for Joe Exotics wedding shirt for @nymag -Link in Bio
The lawyers tie was really the show stopper but turns out his wife sewed it for him!

    before social distancing

    I get a new shell - she takes it for a spin. Content.

    working from home, trying to deliver that daily content.

    off to space brb


    I’m not one to stay indoors/on da couch much, but with the current state of things I’m trying to stay put. Here’s me shooting from a safe distance yet still capturing the incredible norm core style this g has. (YES, EVEN DURING THIS CRAZY TIME  IM STILL HERE TO MAKE YOUR MOODBOARDS)
Here’s to hoping my wife still allows me to take these walks around the block. I’m trying to be responsible and not be in crowded places and too close to folks. (Good thing I have about 30k photos i’ve yet to share on this apple device)

    Letter Carriers for the USPS generally stay in their uniforms but I enjoy seeing how they make it their own in various parts of the USA


my everything @sarabirdiebrown

    When the runway is rained out there’s always the platform

    @pedr0blanc0 saw this on my stories and said “Now THAT’S fucking streetwear!”
I often think I should just leave my gems on stories because I’m tired of them appearing on y’all moodsboards. Im not sorry for over serving you the best cast/looks from the best runway on earth. Take Take Take. Enjoy responsibly.

    We are the strongest. Paris and Milan for the elders, but we’re the strongest fashions here in NY. One day we shall have the grand runways once again.

    Thank you @yukimatsud for having me by your showroom today. My personal pitti/pfw experience right here in NYC. It takes a real cowboy like Yuki to rent a storefront and welcome the general public to view his collections typically only viewed by buyers & press.
.  @taniatsuhito

    @najiahknight , the only professional female mini bull rider @minibullriders @pbr