The Masters Jacket

Aside from the many trips my father would take us to Tom Mitchells I think the only time I’ve swung a proper golf club was in 12th Grade at NEw Haven Hebrew Day School where golf was offered as an elective. That was pretty crazy for a Yeshiva and I was thrilled. Unfortunately we never made it to any greens. But this jacket… I have always loved the security guards and their attire at stores like Lionel Kiddie City , Radio Shack or Toys R Us. The burgandy or grey blazer that is made of polyester you can spot 100 ft away… When i began thinking about making clothes I would dream of making this sportcoat in a fine wool, yet still oversized with cheap shiny buttons. That wore off and all I can think about making now is this green version of the same blazer. This guy was wearing it on a casual weekday walking the streets of Manhattan. I love the idea of wearing the navy blazer look (khakis too short, brooks brothers oxford & Bucs) in a odd color like green. And the fact that its THE masters jacket makes it not just security guy or idiot in a navy blazer but a new take on a classic. I think J Press or Hickey Freeman used to make them but today I have only seen them at Mens Wearhouse or other cheezy stores.
Make it & Make one for me!