“The funny thing is, people think light colors are for summer only”

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This gents kit is remarkable huh!? Plaids for days, the tartan lining revealed under his made in England Brooks Brothers camel, bone/horn toggle, duffle just pops off the mustard n light blue  plaid shirt, love how the classic Burberry check scarf is strewn and almost abandoned over his casual posture, there's an heir of regal deliverance in his face as he lightly peruses the flea market, the tortoise shell spectacles add a nice touch of intellectual demure…I aint the least bit mad about the way he accessorizes the periwinkle wide wale cords with the canary yellow banded n butterscotch leather strap belt, that match the gloves, neither…notice as one is stylishly removed unveiling the imperial crested  ivory  engraved gold pinky ring, possibly a family heirloom, or a Masonic symbol, maybe its both and he found it out thrifting…but oh, lemme find out that he actually has a timepiece tucked into his watch pocket and a gold fob too boot- and shoes are always of grave importance as we all know, so is a proper break with or without a cuff, this is honored here with a casual two tone suede buck, another great find, candid as always, you know MISTER MORTs intention may have been to find a rare pair of cuff links but instead, he finds gems like this cat here. A Country Gentlemen at its finest.