The Canadian Tuxedo is not always wrong

Denim suit album

Rene ricard

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rene Ricard, I wish you could see his Hermes pumps. Black leather with white socks. Oh, it was also snowing on this day! his socks were soaked. Love this man. Talk about ghetto chic.

Denim 1

Denim 2

Denim 3

Denim 4

Denim 5

Denim 7 hat and jacket

Denim 8 backyard bill

Denim 9

Denim 10 pleated

While Im not a big fan of suspenders with clips exposed ( I dont mind when covered by a blazer). I do love his pleated jeans !

Denim 11 hat

Denim 12 suit

Denim 13 suit

Denim 14 suit

Denim 15 suit rene

Rene !

Denim 16 dante Dante !

Denim 17 suit

Denim 18 pleats Peep his pleats

Denim 19 distressed sleeve

Denim 20 blazer

If you cant button your denim jacket and youre not posing for your next album cover, you probably shouldnt be wearing it. I have seen alot of guys lately wearing tight jeans, a vintage T- and a denim jacket. This guy is ALWAYS wearing some small canvas skippies. not VANS but some keds or fake keds. The kind that look femme!
Look at Johnny Hallyday ! Say what you will, These guys are wearing denim that fits.