The Antiques Show

Roddy & Gretchen, super cool couple I ran into while walking the Pier Show.P1170417
Red Grooms 1983. I love this elephant! The person at the booth had it out all weekend at a certain price only to find out who the artist was and that it was worth about 40 times said price! (a kind customer let her know). Its yours for $45K-bridgesoveretime.comP1170469
I love miniatures, sales man samples, advertising gifts etc. back when men were men, their leading lady presented them with a miniature hat in a box which acted as a gift certificate for that hat. Today I came across this hat which was a gift from a soldier to his wife after World War II.from her soldier. Its a compact inside..and paper-wieghts below from Florsheim and Nunn Bush.P1170405
I found a bike (70's 3-speed) on the street 5 days ago and noticed it was still there so i took it to the bike shop and had new tires put on and rode up the west side highway this morning, the ride and these madras jackets and pants serve as a reminder Spring is just around the corner
And 1 more image to remind you its still winter here in NYC.