SS11 Tradeshow Snapshots from Las Vegas ~ magic, project & Capsule

P8189409 Some sick pocket set ups on a khaki suit! He had a tiger or lion i hear at a boof. P8189415 TJ had one of the best lewks there. If youre doing workwear, do it! He works at Undefeated and I forgot his name. kind sir, please do tell. P8189425 This dude was cool, He had a leather ankle bracelet that kinda threw it all off for me but i still like him. Great shoes. P8189468 P8189467 Favorite shirt! that print is insane! P8189483 Best mix of prints i saw. Cool dude. P8189504 Nick Wooster. Is that how its spelled? whats his deal anyhow? very nice guy. P8189508 P8189509 P8189510
P8189512 Matt Singer whom i previously covered here was showing his wares. Love this dude as much as I love bacgammon. P8189517 A Life camo shorts sans cargo pockets!!! Theres a matching jacket as well. Good looks Fellas. P8189522 P8189546 P8189550 P8189551 P8189553 P8189552
P8189555 Billy Reid was on their A game! these suits are beyond incredible. Beyond. Good to see tailored items present! P8189558 A JACK SPADE tie P8189568 Reynspooner shorts P8189569 Love Reynspooner, but you already know that P8189573 P8189581 Ran into Max of All Plaid Out at the Gitman boof. It was cool hearing that he first learned of Gitman from reading it on my site. P8189587
P8189589 favourite lewk there! P8189590 P8189591
Jared Flint looking proper. P8189595