Some they got, some got away..

WwiianorakThis salmon colored anorak from WWII surprisingly wasn't snatched up by anyone ! StripedknittieBananavestbrimfieldBananavestbrimfield2BrimfieldBBshirtThis is one of the best Brooks Brothers shirts I have ever seen. I already own a few variations of this shirt by them, but thats not why I didnt buy it. I was beaten to it by the boys who were shopping for Ralph Lauren inspiration. I felt better when i saw that it was priced at $145. To make it worse, it was 14.5 (my size) and if all goes as it should, will be seen in a Rugby store near you. We can only hope and pray it wont be embroidered with skulls and flags all over it. These dealers make it way too easy, I cant blame these designers for not bothering to really dig, wether it be on ebay or our nations thrift shops. And by thrift shops, I dont mean WCGA or Stock.. Brimfieldhoodie I really liked the pockets on this guys pants and sweatshirt. Interesting how its not a full zip. Cant tell whats going on with the bottom of his pants, were they cut short? gathered? dont know, but they look good! His bag was super cool as well, but this is all you're getting.Crangi I like this shot of jewelry designer Phillip Crangi "shopping" in his green cuffed pants and green rod laversRpmbrimfield1 Dude from 45 RPM shoping.. I love sweatpants, I dont own a pair but have always wanted a pair. I really like how he paired them with rust New Balance, a flannel shirt and down vest !Rpmbrimfield2 Here with a trophy purchase ! I was watching forever to see who would become the lucky owner of this stripe painted oar. P1200631MarkRLOrngebackpackNot sure if you can tell from this photo, but this man here is in all classics- barracuda drizzler, smedley knit, oxford shirt, dungarees and moccasins.BrimfieldrecordcollectorBrimfieldrecordfullP1200753BrimfieldsafarihatDenimhatjeansP1200766Orangechamois I love a chamois shirt. Have never seen an orange one. Great way to layer in the winter and I find they especially come in handy in the Spring time. Check out his monocle. And as if the orange isnt enough, Check out this turquoise one.TurquoisechamoisBrimfieldcoupleSpendiesmailbagBrimfieldkhakimoccasinP1200780 I saw this fella carrying this here horse and asked if I could photograph it, He paid $400 and was "told" it was Pendleton. I didnt see a label anywhere, there was a tag on its tush, didnt say Pendleton or any company, just fabric contents and made in taiwan i believe. I hope it was at least made using Pendleton fabric but Ill never be sure.. Cool piece none the less.RpmtrophyBrimfieldpinksome more color out there in the fields. Below are some personal scoresBrimfieldleeP1200709P1200710P1200711P1200711P1200703P1200707