single pleated denim & his sandals..

I bring you what you I see, i report straight from the street. Be it outside the Jane or on Madison Avenue. This fella has on some interesting jeans. I love a single pleat pant, but theyre tricky.. Im not sure how I feel about his shirt or dainty cuff but I do like his sandals {on him}.. He has some footwear company I wish I had gotten the name of, but i was in such a rush to get the hell out of there, most of these evening spots people are not getting too dressed up. We all know the current state of menswear, but I still want to cry about the boys wearing their girlfriends jeans, guys wearing watches dangling off their wrists like its some kind of bracelet.. and my least favorite- T- shirts that dont hit the waistline.. who said it was ok for guys to show their lower back and navel? Some kids came over from France for some shopping at century 21 and daffys, rode the N R train around town, one of these tourists was holding on to the pole, or even worse- that bar over the seats on a crowded train- and some american kid thought it cool that this smelly euro trash tourist was casually showing off his navel and waist line.. similar to the fad of girls with navel piercings thinking they had to walk around with that section of their stomach exposed.

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