Sidney Offit in his Double Breasted Navy Blazer and Polka Dot Bow Tie



I met Sidney in Grand Central Station back in the warmer months. I really appreciate a gent in a DB blazer and bow-tie. Sidney, like alot of men I approach; asked what is it about me that you liek so much. To which I responded "why, youre polka dotted bow tie and DB blazer. He asked for my details and 2 days later, the day i left for a intercontinental flight, I received a signed copy of his book in the post. We have more in common than I would have thought. Sidney grew up in Baltimore Maryland. What an exceptional guy. You should check out his book. A story about growing up with a dad who was a booky. bookie?  I decided to post this as I have been looking at old drafts that have inspired most recent outfits of mine. I have been wearing this bow tie for the last few weeks religiously. Often wearing 3 days straight. I dont sweat too much.