Seersucker Offering From Ascot Chang

I just loved these photos. Been waiting to post them! Hope they scream summer like they do for me!
The interior of a Jacket. That band, so beautiful.. unlined..I feel the breeze blowing through! P1170178
These are unfinished as they are made to measure. I think Seersucker suits typically have just buttons without a marking for a buttonhole. You can opt for a fake button hole, functioning button hole or just a button. I love my classic blue jumpy I purchased from Mark Mcnairy about 5 years ago, trousers have no belt loops and have sidebuttons to adjust for the hot overstuffed summer days. I may have to go into Ascot Chang for my next suit as I cant stop thinking about a DB! Double vents or No vents is the question..P1170179