No Coat But Still Protected ~ NYFW FW11

P2100123I like everything but the zip piece. Slim jeans, not too tight. Smaller blazer yet not too little. I cant even tell you how many idiots i saw during NYFW with just a blazer on and no scarf, no gloves or even a visible layer under their jacket. I’m not saying you have to wear a full snow suit but I think guys dont want to wear coats or dont have a proper overcoat to wear when getting dressed up. (I know I dont) but that doesnt mean you should run around looking like its warm. Don’t play, we know youre freezing. It’s similar to dumbass girls that go out in the winter evenings with sleeveless dresses because thyre either too cheap to pay for coatcheck or dont have a nicer coat. Today I saw a presentations by students and one kid had a jacket that solves the club problem, he invented some shit you can wear while on line, and while dancing. It was thin as a windbreaker,the technology!!