Matt Singer

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P1300404 as you can probably tell, i like the belts alot. That there is a monkey sitting on a scale, upset (its that last hole.)


Matt Singer and I used to work together b in the d so I was excited and a tiny bit proud to see he finally launched his own line. We got together recently and he showed me some of his work— long sleeve and short sleeve shirts in two-ply cotton oxford oxford cloth, some sturdy cotton canvas bags, and a crazy assortment of accessories—cotton canvas and suede belts, woven bookmarks, glass ashtrays, tie-dye leather lighter covers, and an eyewear project with Selima and the Thing Quarterly. What I like about Matt ‘s work is his mix of storytelling with design. His work has a distinctly American viewpoint but its feels fresh somehow. Whenever I see Matt he’s wearing something from the wrong season, a salmon colored belt in winter, but it works. The quality of the shirts is spot on, made in the U.S.A. The canvas brief has that elegant simplicity you find in old Longchamp bags. His website also has an interesting selection of short films for sale, a collection of vintage watches and there is a book section that he puts together with Idlewild Books.