Mary & Matt

The illest most talented couple I have ever met. (No offense to some other amazingly talented couples~ Kate & Andy, Vivienne & Ward, Kurt & Ann) They have a website and make chocolate out of their Brooklyn home and other fun things like a Hockney Rugby shirt, chalkboard skate deck… I have had them on here before and have taken beter pictures of them no doubt- but on this day I had to capture them. I was running from the NR to the 4 Train in Union Square and ran into them, after chatting for a minute Jason Polan walked by so it was fun times for a new york minute… Love those special encounters, sometimes you meet people on the street or sidewalk and you dont feel like chatting, other times you run into special people that you cant spend enough time with… These kids dont wear matching Jordans but they sometimes wear blue sneakers on the same day. Matt only wears chuck taylors or vans eras or authentics (i forget) and I love them for this. They can draw (mary made my mustard (they both worked on my MISTER MORT logo(?). I think they both went to yale art school. regardless, I worked with Mary at kate/JACK spade where she finally finished not too long ago and is doing her own thing (BIG UPPS) While Matt does creative shit (copy? i know nothing about that world, but hes suuuuper talented) for dope ad agencies. Thyre quite the team i tell you. I dont know what the weathers like in NYC now as Im traveling, so I go to my bank of images and post what Im feeling that day. Also trying to get out the winter or colder months shots before the warm weather arrives to stay. New York, I love you.