LVC Makes Its Way Back To Levi’s Stores ~One Store At A Time

The next time you find yourself in San Francisco do yourself a favor and stop by the the recently furnished Levis store. On the lower level where the Tailor Shop is housed, LVC has stocked the floor with all 9 Made In These United States 501’s from 1890-1966 (1890, 15, 33, 44, 47, 54 501z, 55 & 66). If denim isnt your flavour, youll find a bevy of the most classical of american vintage items along with a sprinkle of LVC 1920’s Made In America tees, henleys, Sunset shirts and a personal favorite, the 1936 Type I jacket. Love a pleat & buckleback!

IMG_1250 The vintage tees, flannels and military pants (ALL MADE IN USA) sit on repurposed white oak barn siding that has been plane & sanded. (for you interior folk) IMG_1232 denim wall- Constructed from salvaged city of San Francisco scaffolding that was deemed unsafe for SF city workers..ties nicely with the city that gave birth to Levi’s & the 501!IMG_1254 50’s L.L. Bean IMG_1253 70’s Harley Davidson IMG_1252I love how the masking tape they used for inventory purposes remained on! P1030090P1030093P1030092Pink sweatshirt

Photo In addition to selling vintage and LVC, the tailor shop is now cranking out aprons of canvas duck and lining a selection of Big E type 3 denim jackets with 1940’s camp blankets. I normally have problems with reworked vintage but i quite like these.IMG_1220 IMG_1247Flannel rack Flannel close up IMG_1245 IMG_1235 Two jeans from 1890-1900 are being redone. The Barnyard (shown above) and the Spurbites shown below (worn by some cowboy, the cuff area is all beaten up from his spur) and will be available at this location. Both jeans were originally made right here (w/ pure indigo dyed 90z Amoskeag plain selvage denim) in Hippie Dippie San Fran Skippie.