Look at this guys kit, the posture, the cadence

Look at this guys kit, the posture, the cadence, he’s groovy, you can clearly see he has the attention of a couple of young lovelies, maybe he’s a student of Robert Greene’s "The Art of Seduction" or he could be a natural, the wispy wet side-part of the hair hearkens on the character Jean-Louis from Eric Rohmer’s 1969 classic, “My Night at Maud’s”…the un-buttoned pleated barrel cuff even reveals a Buddhist prayer bead bracelet and a leather banded timepiece, so we’re convinced he’s a punctual moralist, but loose, possibly a YSL vintage find, freshly unfolded from years of storage,  flossing a club (Cambridge) collar, a light sky blue, relaxed without a t-shirt or an a-frame undergarment, the blackberry can easily be swapped out as a card holder, 'magine…but what went wrong with the polyester trousers, when MisterMort first flashed me this set of pics, yet another candid moment captured from the man himself, i thought, here's a classic case of long arms with shallow pockets, when the talent is there, always remember to never short change yourself, notice the twenties popping from his change pouch, don't reveal your hand whoadie, it's in poor taste and so is the harsh clash of materials, i was expecting a light wool, maybe a gabardine or even a linen, pleated with a nice hardy and comfortable rise, nope, he's runnin' a heavy poly, i can see the thick 'hidden' seam and pil balls for days, even from this angle, and lemme find out that's a belled jean cut and some boots that were made for walking, but hey, you tell me, should he forget about the walkin' and  just get to steppin'? 

written by my dear friend Michael Jude Caputo.