Just 2 fellas who happen to both design khakis for a living

David mullen tony murray
The other day, as I was exiting The Garment Center with Tony of Dockers; I had the pleasure of running into David Mullen of Save Khaki. These gents hit it off right away with jargon of denims & twills. Aside from both of them being great guys on and off the field; I really like their choice of footwear. On David, Florsheim Wingtip Imperial (one of my favorite shoes of ALL time) and the Alden Indy Boot on Tony. These 2 shoes can and should replace most of these idiots out there who just found hardbottoms. Yup, all them ebay and 2nd hand store purchases should be returned to the shelf they were found on. Invest in some new shoes! The joints you bought need new heels, and the leather inside is probably corroded too. So before you squeeze into your girlfriends jeans the next time you ‘get dressed’, throw away your ‘new purchase’ and wear her flip flops instead. Those 1980’s ballys and stacy adams were donated or listed for a reason. If they were no longer good enough for that guy to wear to church or synagogue, what makes you think they’re good enough for you to walk around in all day!
Indy boot for all the them varvatos rocker types (you know who you are, you may not be wearing JV infact, but youre wearing an 8th st or local mall version of it! take your pants out the boot too! if thy look tucked, theyre too skinny kids!
Florsheim Wingtip Imperial for all men who want to be wearing hard bottoms! I mean, go trickers if youve got the $, but these kids coming from williamsburg in these cheap burgandy colored ‘dress’ shoes should be ashamed of themselves. I almost want to buy them all to save the kids.