J Crew F/W 09 Sneak Peek


I like what J Crew is up to. and don’t front. We’ve all been in there-been for a minute. I enjoy a pinstripe with a solid grey.. Very  “Morning Suit for taking a stroll to the bank”. Theyre teaching guys it doesnt have to be precious.. Loro Piana fabrics! Thomas Mason shirtings! i mean this is the stuff royalty has their clothes made of but they offer it to the general public with no seals of the queen or anything.. These are the shirtings Turnbull and Thom Browne use!
Alden Indy Boot for J Crew!
Russell Moccasins, I dont think anyone in nyc carries them! Looks like they’ve been in the woods roughed up up a bit before they hit the store. Store, not stores, not everywhere, 1 shop in NYC..P1170832
A new style Red Wing boot. Interesting with spery sole!P1170839
This showroom always has the best vintage belts (and buckles)! i like that they dont mix in too much vintage, when you see a super vintage looking sweatshirt, they have found a way to make it look genuinely old without making it look mass produced; yet affordable. P1170843
If you have not heard of Inverallan- check them. I love old fishermans sweaters but again, hard to find because they last forever..Inverallan has been working with (and doesnt tell you on their website)the likes of Neighborhood and Beams in Japan.. Another great mature non-precious move for the crew..

These shorts might be my favorite item after the cardigan which ill never be able to buy. Id cut them off, to look like old safari shorts. large belt loops..