I was in Los Angeles recently ~Part II

   Country Mart Shoe Repair. Loved the colors! Kinda liked how this couple matched in their chambray or light denim, plastic glasses and same colored shoes. P6126792 P6126790 P6126795 P6126804 Dudes awesome. P6126806 And a dude on the street I shot out of a car. P6126808 P6126809 P6126811 There was a pop-up event in the backyard of Union & Undefeated. The Generic Man showcased his new collection Generic Surplus; ARMY vs. NAVY, their first collaboration with Undefeated. Limited to 300 pairs. Handcrafted from vintage military textiles. P6126816
  P6126821 Funny gal with fine personal style! Not trying to give excuses, my shots are not great but she was just killing it and I captured what I did. Thank you Brandee.