Flea Market ~ Northern California

PA020863My buddy Chad. Love when he does Maine out in SF..PA020865
PA020876You know how I love a Stetson Open Road.
PA020874For you Jill!!
PA020877The brims cracked on one.. I’d still rather see these on anyone wearing those modern version of these which suck so bad.PA030886I call this the millionaire fleamarket guy.. Nantucked Red in color MAINE ball cap, Levi’s, white polo with collar popped and a Levi’s sawtooth western shirt over it. Extra points for TWO canvas totes.
PA030888Probably 1 of my favorite looks ever. Chambray blazer all faded and a denim button-down! It’s kinda funny how his square is coming out his pocket like that but I’m willing to bet he just finished using it..He aint tryin’ to be all peacocky thats for sure.PA030894You see some amazing kids out West. They take the vintage thing to another level!
PA030895Japanese fella, not sure if he was visiting or living out west, but nice mixed fabrication chore jacket.
PA030897So ill I don’t know where to start. His shirt, pith helmet and that bag!!
PA030908Kinda creepy kinda amazing..Of course he had to be the one to buy it..I bet he came the wknd before or arranged to see it today and dressed accordingly.
PA030910So cool. I’ve seen this cat at other flea markets out here.