Double Breasted on The Streets of New York Fashion Week

P1320808 Marcus stays fancy. Love how his DB jacket fits so well. A trend I see and dont love is fellas having their shirt cuff rolled over the blazer or sweater, HOWEVER, I like how Marcus does it. I think its simply cuffed because its long and he doesnt want it to extend too much, I dont think he tried to really expose it expose it and cuff it over the blazer… You can see what I/m saying on his left cuff, how it isnt really how the kids are doing it. P1330009 Nick Sullivan of Esquire Magazine looking smart also in a cotton DB jacket. P9130507 Thomas Oatman of New Republic Clothiers P1330013 And a good DB lewk from Antonio Azzuolo. His sweaters as usual, were pretty awesome. P9079904 Oh how I love this man. He shakes his head and says, sure take my picture if you want, I do need a haircut though. And sure enough, I found out he had gotten his hair cut later that day! Sorry Jerry, I’d have waited but needed this early morning photo. P9130553
Colin Eisler says “sure, take my picture, but you should come with me to the steps outside of my werk. My wife was photographed there for a fashion magazine once” I went along for the walk, but the lighting wasn’t werking for me. He also let me know all his clothing are from various second hand stores around NYC. What I would do for a DB khaki suit…

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