Colorful Morning By The Water ~ Fort Cronkhite Rodeo Beach

P1330555Just pretend you didn’t see this photo and follow the sequence below. I know most of you are ADD like me and just wanna look and leave so Ill hit you with the best first, incase you don’t scroll down…

Beach2So… Since the move out west I have been getting on the bridges and out of the city any chance I get. On this particular morning I went with my friend to surf, I try and make photos on the land, he tries and catch waves or however the term goes. I spot this dude, his dog waiting for him on the beach below… Beach3He’s about to put that one hat inside the other… Beach9Setting up camp.

P1330555Then he comes up to where the cars are parked and is getting even more gear!
Beach10His dog must be in the best shape a dog could possibly be in. Shoulda seen these activities. M. Williams woulda been happy like a puppy.
Oh, please don’t ask me about the dog, It was pretty, real nice, but I can barely shoot men, moving animals are even harder for me to capture…

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