Color Blocks & Mephisto


 This guy has got it down without even knowing it. The color palette and blocking  (see women’s Dries F09?) along with the original orthopedic shoes (Mephistos) make him the real deal. This is the type of irony that inspires…not the contrived hipster irony you see so much of these days. His choice of colors and proportions (high socks were not a must but add so much) comes across so naturally.
There’s something really cool to me about a younger man wearing Mephisto shoes.
When Camper, Aldo and Kenneth Cole followed Hogan, Gucci and Prada with the orthopedic look, I recalled seeing a few of these and some Rockports around town. Not sure if you have ever worn these, I tried them on once and wished I could pull them off but i felt they were too bulky but I love them, no lies.