because its not summer yet


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It’s spring; time to put our winter gear away but you can still wear a fur-felt hat, and welcome straw.
’bout to go off right now.
Too many fellas have been wearing the worst hats lately. These stingy brimmed hard looking things. Every hat is the same shape, no movement. like my dad’s london fog rain hat. In every possible fabric- plasticy looking white or cream straw hats with generric black bands. The straw hat of yesterday bought while on vacation has been replaced by the $9.99 version at MJ or Canal Street I saw so many during the winter- fools, When you can wear fur felt, {in the cold winter months in NYC}why would one wear a hat that the wind breezes right through? Because you saw Britney or Justin wearing one? LA’sinfluence in NYC is giving me an ulcer.
Don’t tell me you have not been seeing guys wearing t- shirts with scarves…or even gloves and a t-shirt! Or, my least favorite- the tuck… what is going on with guys tucking any pant into almost any footwear?
all winter i saw guys with their skin tight jeans tucked into untied boots.. and a just hoodie or light jacket when it’s snowing! I know we are not in Maine, but we’re sure not in LA LA Land