A Weekend Stroll On Fillmore

P1330843 Ran into the best dude ever! Classic khaki styling on a weekend on the UES or here in Pacific Heights, SF. Hung around for him and a friend to finish their conversation, wasn’t happening anytime soon so I had to interupt which is always weird, but I have to. I never know what to start with when asking a fella if I could take some pictures of his clothing. While for a dude like this one its just a trench and a hat, I get very excited over khaki suits, tweed hats and furnishings such as a walking stick. So i cant ever keep my cool… P1330848Oooh the lapis!!
P1330849A better shot of the lapis. I dream of rings like these. Robert Bryan knows. He inscribed in his book “I leave you my last ring”
P1330850A profile of the Tweed Bucket Hat! P1330851Let’s see what we have going on inside…So long as the gent allows the inspection & documentation, I will further disect… His colors are so beautiful together.
P1330852The blue in the buttons of his cardigan and the lapis! Can you see the lined placket of his cardigan?! That’s quality, That is why he can still wear it 20 years or so after he purchased. It isn’t even too small, its just buttoned only on the bottom as he was just throwing it on to keep warm on his walk. He told me he wasn’t planning on running into me.

P1330854“These are Church’s or Alden, I forget” It doesn’t matter, I love how the pant breaks and the bleach spots on the bottom of the leg!
P1330856These remind me of when i saw Rene Ricard on the subway in Hermes black velvet evening pumps and they were all stained up! P1330858

His watch is pretty special (especially with the ring).