A Flea Market ~ Pleasanton, California

P5296026P5296027Beautiful old patchwork quilt.P5296050I love old hat boxes.
P5296053Like a chassid, only with a pony tail.P5296058P5296061 You know how much I appreciate a shirt over a shirt done right! P5296065From an old Fill STation, I wanted them, but for what…& now that I’m looking at them for the 20th time I figured out a great use for them!P5296070 Dude goin home with some antlers. Classic. P5296074 Wow, what a hat band. I thought about getting it and putting it on a different hat… More work… Darn, cant believe I left it behind. P5296076Covering up from the sun. P5306105P5306107P5306108P5306111Love this old Levi’s belt.P5306181P5306180P5306125P5306129P5306131P5306132P5306144 Removable CollarsP5306148P5306163P5306186The guy says “10 bucks with the box, I says 5 w/o? He says 15 w/o. P5306187Walked with it for 5.