A Bolinas Home is a Happy Home

One evening this summer as i I was on my way home from the airport I received a telephone call from my friend Jay informing me he’d be in front of my house and I should be ready to go to Bolinas for the night. I was just returning from a work trip and needed sleep but since I’m always up for an adventure I decided to go along for the ride and not put up a fight. Im glad i went along. If you have ever been, you know what I’m talking about. Bolinas is a coastal community best known for its reclusive residents. Historically, it is only accessible via unmarked roads; any road sign along nearby Highway One that points the way into town has been torn down by local residents. Bolinas and its reclusive reputation are featured in the 1981 novel Ecotopia Emerging by Ernest Callenbach. I have not read it yet. P6136942  P6136941 Here we see the mix of pillows…You know I love patchwork.  P6136943 And teh mix of patterns keeps on going P6136944 P6136945 Wish I’d have shot this with the other gun. Colours woulda been truer. P6136952 P6136990 P6136991 P6136992 P6136993 P6136994 P6137015 These tweed Birkenstock things are pretty rad in the outdoors. P6137018 P6137020 Thank You Nile.