2 of the same vintage or old Ralph Lauren Sweaters


Shot that top kid last week crossing 7th Ave. in MJ cargos and 1 of the best RL sweaters I've ever seen. Posted the 2nd dude a fw months back but had to show both..

Mort's having a little fun here with the matching Ralph Lauren pheasant sweaters, “birds of a feather, flock together”, so lemme do you not one, but two better, What we have here is an inherently woven item of heritage lure, maybe a hand knit Cowichan?  A form of knitting developed by the Cowichan people of southeastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, that consisted of bright colors and crude Nintendo-esque 8 bit graphic-like symbolism.  So, eventually as Europeans settled and introduced their own weaves and themes, such as curling and hunting, (Scottish), a meshing of such styles incorporating different wools that could create designs with more intricacy such as embroidery had manifested.  The popularity of these sweaters prompted the Mary Maxim Company, to manufacture such embroidered weaves, with yet even more refined renderings of wildlife, Bob Hope has been known to grace such an item, and this particular Polo vintage looks good tucked into a heavy moleskin or high rise wide whale pair of corduroys, maybe under a tweed blazer or even Grand Puba'd here by contestant number 1, accessorizing his with a celly, olive drab scarf, dipped in what appears to be a B-7 shearling parka, a brolic issue, first created for ground crews during the Aleutian Islands campaign of World War II, I’ve seen replicas and original vintage for up to $2,000, E-bay for two hundo and it's a wrap, but this is probably one of those recent “Iceberg” imitations, maybe a Schott, stripped of any the exacting features, like toggles, with flap zipper, coyote fur lined hood and genuine shearling, not some poly-fiber and a hat to match.  Our dude here is kind of pushing that lo-life hip-hop shoulder chip, and the military cargo's just might suggest a deeper conception of the infantry unit type attire if they hadn’t been Marc Jacobs, to be honest, Marc should stay away from the military kits, it screams Abercrombie n’ Fitch, quite frankly, I'm really fatigued off the overpriced imitations already, while most manufactures that still stock army surplus supply stores include an anatomical knee and gusseted crotch detailing for four times less the price? The butterscotch and coffee air force 1’s might be the worst color-way known to Nike, It’s like the interior décor of a Starbucks and makes me think more about desert then flossing, yah dig?  Contestant number 2 is doing the typical, “I just rolled off the couch after a weekend of vegging out with a HBO series and needed a pack of smokes, so who gives a shit?” approach, which would have been all good, except for that the purple block matching of the collar, cuff and landscape brush undermines this c'est la vie machismo.  Also, I find this sweater to be a bit small on contestant number 2, he should have up-sized. I won’t go into the critique too heavily, but my advice to denim shoppers is this; if you’re looking for Japanese dry denim, APC is the worst, they are literally on some, "run of the mill" agenda and are probably the most recognizable jeans on the market with that oil slick fade that’s synonymous with the brand, which can induce that bad acid reflex, securing themselves in the fashion industry as the French GAP or the Fascist counterpart.  The denim is of incredibly low quality.  If you are interested, we could suggest a handful of other Japanese denim manufactures that are of superior quality and small production or domestic brands such as Levi for cheaper prices, traditional craft and styling.  For the record, there are two reasons and two reasons only for Clark’s popularity, one is the wallabee and the other is the dessert boot, and that’s about it, both for good reason, but notably, nobody should be practicing a brand loyalty here by delving deeper into the catalog for the rare orthopedic walkers just to be different or un-typical.

Written by my dear friend Michael Jude Caputo.