Masuo in his Vintage Patagonia Jacket

Saw dude while shopping at Ralph Lauren’s RUGBY shop in San Francisco over the weekend. He overheard me telling a friend to try a shetland sweater. I think it was when I compared it to a Shaggy Dog that we connected… He was wearing 993’s, Levi’s and this great Patagonia jacket he purchased 20+ years ago. We got onto talking, He loves Patagonia and L.L. Bean, however he isn’t happy that Patagonia nor L.L. Bean Signature doesn’t ship to Japan. Regular LL Bean does, but signature does not. He remarked how he thinks his jacket is “from the days Patagonia was designed by a woman” The Rolex he also bought about 20 years ago! He recently bought a Patek Philippe watch that he was on a four year waiting list. Intown to check out restaurants as he is in the food business. P1330869